Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Art Books

In the post about Oleg Dou I said I had found him through a book. I also promised I would get into that a bit more later on. So here it is:

The cover of Dark Inspiration immediately drew me in (yes, it really does have those "burnt" layers, it's not just a print) , I loved the artwork and also noticed Audrey Kawasaki's work made an appearance too, as well as a few other artists I love. I've now had the chance to flip through it a few times in the bookstore and really like it.

As most artbooks, this one is a bit expensive so I'm not buying it, or at least not yet. But I can trace some of the artwork online and am sure I'll be able to show you a whole bunch of new artists soon.

So don't be surprised if you'll see some more odd or creepy art popping up here again.

Collaboration art books are such a good way to find a whole bunch of new artists at once. I am always super excited to find one that is filled with exactly the kind of paintings I like. What are your favorite artbooks, know any I should check out?


  1. Wow, those illustrations are stunning! The girl with the cat in the window is beautiful, but I love all of what you've shown!

    I have sadly never come across any art books :( The extent of my artist endeavors never goes farther than flickr or deviantart, and I feel I'm a little limited! I would appreciate if you could share more of what you've come across ^_^! We seem to have similar tastes!

  2. i love these kind of odd creepy art. keep it coming.

  3. Can't wait to see some creepy art, I love it :) These are beautiful examples.

  4. wow very beautiful art. Very different!

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  5. We have very similar interests in art. I love pop surrealism and most of the artists you have posted fit that category. Following your blog now!!!




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