Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pretty Paintings

You know how I love creepy and cute art and you might have noticed I'm a sucker for perfectly painted pretty wallpaper on paintings. Now Natalie Shau doesn't exactly make creepy and cute art, this is just plain creepy. However it does have the wallpaper and it's also just gorgeous in general.

I would kill for that cabinet and I love all the secret chess pieces she hid in it.
This painting reminds me of the dead mouse I found today, it was completely intact, nearly just bones but it still had a position like it was alive, weird isn't it? I hope I don't creep you out. I know it's morbid, but it was still beautiful. I certainly didn't see that one coming when I woke up this morning.

One word: wallpaper

And I have to add that a dark fairy tale has a way of spicing things up a little, too. Ok, a lot.

Of course I think anything would probably look better with an owl, but this painting would look even more awesome with one, maybe even a flying one to make the whole thing even more alive.

Lastly I had to put this one in because I was so impressed by the way she painted the birds:

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