Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feel Good Food

I had some pretty good food these past few days, I hope you had too. Here are some things I ate during Christmas:

These cute and delicious Christmas chocolates:

This is what I had for dinner, home made french fries, carrots and scallops with white wine and truffle sauce. Although it wasn't as expensive as it sounds, it sure was as delicious.

And for dessert we had this lovely chocolate icecream with a macaron on top.

Just a Little Update

I was planning on opening my etsy today, but as I should have expected, things weren't as easy as I thought. Turned out even though PayPal is enough for buying, I needed a creditcard to become a seller, so there's a slight delay. I'll open as soon as possible, though. I'll keep you posted...


  1. those cookies look amazing, as does your dinner! hope you had a lovely christmas.


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