Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moustache Madness

So this might not be something you really want to spend your money on, since you could easily draw a moustache on a band aid yourself. I'm still checking to see if they're available at Urban Outfitters next time I get the chance. If not for the band aids then for the awesome tin container they come in.

They should be available for $7,00, although I probably need to pay twice that amount, since I have to go to a store in europe. Anyway I do think they're awesome and I have a thing for cool band aids, as well as moustaches, of course. I already have tattoo and fairy band aids and they always come with a tiny little gift, love that! Fortunately I don't really bleed that often, or not enough to use a big band aid, at least. If that makes them redundant, so be it, most fun things are anyway.

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