Thursday, May 21, 2015

Made My Day

Cher turned 69 yesterday and because of it there was a tribute to her on the Huffington Post. In it I suddenly spotted Michael Jackson, so I immediately searched YouTube. Turns out they did a Jackson 5 medley together in the 70s!

I had never heard of the clip, nor did I ever expect to see that combination. What a wonderful surprise! There's also a -very rehearsed- clip of little Michael at Sonny and Cher's but that wasn't hardly as surprising as them singing together.


  1. That's pretty cool, and she still looks pretty good for her age! I love Cher.

    Meme xx

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    'Magic Is Everywhere'

  2. I can't believe Cher is that old! I pray for her age-defying skillz...

  3. I never knew she performed with the Jackson 5! That's so awesome! They were gettin down! haha :D


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