Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review: Blippo

The Kawaii Box is a lovely subscription service I got to review at the end of last year. Their makers also run an online shop called Blippo. It is full of cute things, four of which I got sent to review for your you today. Let's get started!

Blippo carries a lot of different squishy charms. When I got my Kawaii Box I got a cute Rilakkuma, and this time around they sent me this adorable panda. It reminds me a lot of a mochi, because of the shape.

More pandas! Because I also received these chocolate cookie balls. They have a soft almond filling on the inside and a cute panda design on the outside. They were tasty too! Needless to say, I ate them and they're all gone now...

Apart from pandas you will also find a lot of nail art supplies on Blippo. Fake nails, nail polish, rhinestones, stickers… you name it. I received some little heart sequins. They can be put on wet nails polish and under a clear top coat, after the base layer has dried. The packaging shows that you can also use it for crafts or other decoration.

And finally, something very cool…! We all know the iconic Hello Kitty ears and bow. They've been used in all sorts of designs, but they work exceptionally well in these "beauty scissors". I've always known them as nail scissors, but perhaps they turn out to be a lot more versatile than I've given them credit for in the past. Time will tell.

Lastly, they also tucked a complimentary key chain into my review package, which was a very sweet touch.

Final Verdict

As you can see everything was really cute! And overall my two experiences with Blippo (and Kawaii Box too) have been absolutely wonderful! The shipping is not only free worldwide, but it's also always a lot faster than I expect, everything is packaged securely, and there is just something so friendly about the company in general.

So if you love kawaii items, Blippo is an excellent service to use. Especially if you otherwise have a hard time getting your hands on cute things from Japan. I've found them to be affordable, reliable and just plain cute!

P.S. I've been given these items for review, but haven't received any money or other incentive to write any opinions other than how I really feel about the products.


  1. I love the blippo website but ive never bought anything from there, everything looks so cute though =]

  2. O____O *need intensifies* everything here is SO cute!! I'm screeching at those hello kitty scissors!!! And those iridescent nail decals are soo adorable too I loveeee stuff like this!! :D

    xoxox, Naomi

  3. Those are so cute!! I want to subscribe to the Kawaii box but i just can't afford do to do that monthly... I guess this shop is handy so you can get the things that you want without it having to be a subscription! I'll have to check it out then!

  4. So adorable! I was tempted to start a subscription before but I've haved to cancel my beauty and toy box subscriptions because they can be quite costly, really

  5. The little Mochi-esque panda is so cute and I agree definitely smart use of the classic hello kitty design :)

  6. Cute indeed! I looove the panda biscuits with the filling haha.

  7. Those little cookie balls are so cute, I wanna eat them!
    ✿ my blog ✿

  8. Love all of these goodies!
    The little scissors are just the cutest ^_^


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