Friday, June 27, 2014

Lovely Movies: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Every movie-loving friend I have has said to me, "What?! You haven't seen the Grand Budapest Hotel yet? That movie is so you." And they were right. Thanfkully, because despite it being visually stunning, I wasn't 100% sure I'd like it.

Why? Well, I tried watching the Darjeeling Limited and could not get through it. That made me hesitant to try another Wes Anderson anytime soon. But regretting having skipped Moonrise Kingdom, I went to this one.

Now I have the membership card I feel like I can try any movie and just walk out if I have to, as it doesn't cost me anything anyway. Did I walk out on the Grand Budapest Hotel though? Absolutely not! I loved it.

First off, has there ever been a movie with more pastel in it? I think not? I think the pink -The hotel is basically my apartment inside out.- is what got me interested in this movie to begin with. Though don't be fooled into thinking it's sugary sweet.

This film was action-packed, had some gruesome scenes that weren't too traumatizing, but still quite gory. But yes, there was romance and there were pastries too. And there was a new famous actor in pretty much every scene.


  1. I liked this film too! I wrote a review when it first came out too, its on my blog. have a nosey if you want xxx

  2. I still need to watch this! Loved the trailer when I saw it! :)

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