Friday, September 27, 2013

In the Mail...

Having been an admirer of Stasia Burrington for years now, I jumped at the opportunity to win one of her necklaces at Pony Chops. You can probably imagine my excitement when the actual necklace showed up at my door!

I got to take my pick from all the necklaces and ended up going for this simple and delicate cicada. Isn't it stunning?!

So far it is the only Stasia Burrington item I own, but I like to think that will change after I move into my apartment and start thinking about putting some art on my walls. I seem to love everything, so that will be one tough choice!

Here are a few things that currently fill her lovely shop:

I love her mix of creepy, quirky and elegant! Her style is so unique. You'll always recognize her work immediately.
Anyway, she's always making new things too, so I suggest you subscribe to her blog if you want to stay in the loop.


  1. omg thank you for writing this post, I love being introduced to new art. It's so cool she makes her art into jewellery too. I've been looking to decorate my room I definitely think I'll invest in some of her work xo

    1. You're very welcome! I always love finding new artists too, so I'm glad I could help:)

  2. The necklace is really stunning! I am sure it looks fantastic when you wear it! It's definitely an eye-catcher!


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