Thursday, June 13, 2013


I have always wanted to built my own camera. And as amazing as it would be to do so from scratch, I think it would be helpful to use a DIY kit the first time round. Thankfully Lomography launched the Konstruktor today.
It's an SLR that you piece together yourself using the parts they send you in this handy kit. And it even comes with stickers so you can customize its look. Though I have to admit I prefer the black over their primary colors.
I know some Lomography cameras are more expensive then others, but this is one of the affordable ones. Which makes sense of course, since the concept is saving them a lot of work too.

Anyway, will you be building your own camera soon or are you sticking to finished store bought devices?


  1. I love lomography! that camera looks amazing!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. that looks really cool!! i'd still buy a ready-made camera though, because i don't trust myself with handicrafts :P also, my friend tried constructing a camera using one of such kits before and it failed, so i rather go with the foolproof option!

  3. So cool, I want one of these :)) Looks very interesting xx


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