Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Owl Things Considered

For a while now I've been thinking about making more owl designs. After Ga'Hoole that urge became stronger and when I was sketching barn owls, the idea suddenly hit me! Why not make an owlette?

It is inspired by cute little Eglantine and I made it as soft and fuzzy as I possibly could. Hopefully I'll be able to make one for the shop soon too. A brooch. Or maybe even a bookmark?! And I'm hoping to make a stuffed little owlette too, not just a head. How cute would that be?

Anyway here's a little Eglantine clip, just because I grab any excuse to look at her again:

The moment I have more time on my hands, I might expand my Ga'Hoole felt designs a little. There's no such thing as too many owls, right?


  1. i should go watch GaHoole now. they are adorable and so are your works. :D

  2. ;) . . . uuhhuuuuu . . . looks good ;)

  3. wow youre such a creative creature! and i love owls too(but not much as i love pigs and cats)
    aanyway, ill be back! for more of your creative stints!

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