Friday, November 12, 2010

Lovely Movies

It was my mom's birthday today and I took her to the movies to see "the Other Guys". She's a huge Samuel L. Jackson fan so when I found out his new movie premiered yesterday I knew I had to take her. It was tough keeping it a secret, but I managed to keep her in the dark until his face showed up on the screen.

Too bad he died after 5 minutes though.

Either way it was a fun movie. When watching the trailer I wasn't sure if we'd like the humor, but it was great! And the action was awesome too. It has some pretty original and totally out of the blue action scenes.

It was such a surprising movie in so many ways. And did you know Will Ferrell could sing? That alone is worth the watch really.

Did you see anything good lately? Maybe went to "the Other Guys" too?


  1. haha the way they died was kinda silly though..
    but the whole movie was fun. i LOL-ed when mark had dinner over at will's and eva's house..haha:)

  2. Yeah, that was so weird and unnexpected!
    Me too haha, will ferrell and the ladies... ;)


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