Thursday, January 7, 2010

Look What I Got the Other Day

This is a post that's long overdue, since I bought this stuff a few weeks ago, but I figured I'd show you now. I am working on some new things for my etsy store, which I think will open in 1 or 2 weeks since my creditcard application has already been sent. I thought it wasn't possible for me to get one, but turned out it can be done. Anyway, I'm still crocheting but I also have some other material, and that is felt.

I also bought some really cute pins, even though they're not suitable for the felt they're still lovely to look at and I'm sure I'll be able to use them in a future project.

I thought I was over shopping, but I did some the day before yesterday. I was only there to pick up a dvd I ordered, but things got a little out of hand, in a good way. In my defense: everything was really cheap and most of it on sale, so I didn't spend much really, I always like to keep things cheap when shopping. It is so much more satisfying to buy a lot for little money, I'd rather shop for 50 bucks at H&M on sale and get lots of stuff than get one piece for the same price in a different store. I was easy on the clothes though and only bought two items. One thing I bought and thought worth showing you are there Christmas earrings.

I also got some owl things, which I will show you on Tuesday.

A while ago my dad handed me a cute gift from Japan which he was ordered by friends to give to me. That was, believe it or not, on the same day I said to my mom that it would be so nice to receive a Japanese present again.

It's such a cute faux-wooden box of sweets, which I will try to actually eat, despite their cuteness.

Last but not least, I should have started with this maybe, I got my first costumer! She will pick up her hat at my house today, isn't that cool? I met her at a party and she liked the hat I was wearing, she was looking for one that matched her scarf and she liked to get one soon, since it's really cold at the moment. I started it the next day and finished it the day after that. It's basically the one I was wearing but with a little border of blue in it and I made a little broche to go with it, as I do with most of my hats, that can be taken of and put on something else as well.

Here's a little picture so you can get an idea of how it looks, although it looks different on an actual head of course, and you can't really see the colors well.

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