Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great Reads

This week I thought I'd show you another one of my favorite books, I'm often embarressed to admit it, so it's kind of a guilty pleasure. I've read Old Magic by Marianne Curley three times already and it's the only book you'll find on my shelfs that's been worn out and dog-eared. I bought it second hand and it wasn't in it's best shape to begin with, so for this one time, and this time only, I let myself read recklessly, not minding to not crack the spine or get a bookmark or carefully packing it before taking it somewhere else. And I loved every minute of it.

So maybe I cheated a little there's an Ex Libris I made for my dad once with a picture of me when I was little that I have used as a bookmark sometimes.

So the story, it's about a guy and a girl, duh. Kate is a witch and the first time they meet she notices that Jarrod has a strong power he's unaware of. She tries to convince him, but he doesn't believe her at first. Until they find out his family is cursed, then he is willing to train. They then time travel to the middle ages where they have to defeat an evil sorcerer.

I think you now get I'm a little embarresed to tell people sometimes. But the book is so much better than the quick synopsis I just gave you. And when I'm reading it it doesn't seem so silly and it suddenly seems a plausible story, no, not realistic of course, but as a story I love it.

Do with this info what you like, you don't have to read it of course, you may still find it silly. Just thought I'd share.


  1. I shall check this out, never be embarassed about anything you like/enjoy x

  2. Thanks for the advice! If you feel like reading it, let me know if you liked it too, ok?

  3. hmm i may have to check this one out :)


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