Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pretty Paintings: Joe Sorren

There is something really special about Joe Sorren's art. It is incredibly cute, yet is also has some sort of eerie visual effect that somehow isn't the least bit creepy. Also, he uses colors that I absolutely love. (Just look at how good it all matches my blog layout!). Every piece is just so enchanting.

If you're as excited about these as I am, you should really check out the movie Nocturna. It's somehow quite similar.

And if you're a fan of Ingrid Michaelson as well, you might just recognize the last image as it's her last album's cover.


  1. I love the second and third one. They're pretty and unusual.
    Ghost with toast, lol.

  2. These are captivating. I like it.

  3. These are beautiful, I especially love the third one from the bottom.

  4. I love these...they sort of remind me of a fairytale!


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