Friday, December 9, 2011

Not much of a surprise I guess...

Yet again, I'm not feeling well. This time mostly due to stomach aches, nausea and not being able to sleep well. So what have I been doing to get through these days?

Well mostly reading! Lots and lots of Jane Eyre. Sometimes accompanied by Jack Johnson.

And I have found a very simple pleasure! Reading with nice lip balm and delicious hand cream on. I am not kidding, this is one of the best ideas I've had in ages. Makes life so much better!

Be back soon!


  1. jack johnson makes my days better. :)

  2. Aw I'm sorry to read that you're still feeling unwell :( Though I love Jane Eyre...I'm not sure that it's the cheeriest thing to read while you're ill haha!

    Sending you an email now <3

  3. Hope you feel better soon Laura. It sounds like you are finding ways to enjoy life in spite of feeling rough! Take care, drink lots of peppermint tea!

  4. so sorry to hear that... i hope you are feeling better now ♥


  5. fell better soon! reading sounds nice, though :)

  6. Hope you're feeling much better now! Healing-hugs!


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