Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween in Holland

As you all probably know, Halloween is tomorrow. We don't have it here in Holland, but a lovely American friend of mine sent me a box full of Halloween goodies so that I could celebrate too. I thought I'd take a few pictures of some of the items and share them with you.

I just couldn't believe how cute and detailed the actual chocolate was, although I have to admit this one is long devoured...

This little bat is so cute! And the candy underneath is really really good!

Along with the halloween stuff came two adorable owls, that I will probably show you soon.


In return for all these Halloween goodies, I sent her a box of Sinterklaas candy, which is a Dutch holiday that comes with lots of traditional candy.

Before I could even pack the box, someone decided it was the perfect spot to go sit and relax. But I got her out of there in the end and was able send the box to my friend.

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? And if you plan on dressing up, what is your costume going to be? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Happy Halloween! I remember my dutch cousins being over here for it one year when they were quite small and being utterly bemused!

  2. Halloween was huge last night. The streets were filled with kids and people in costume. I was a flamenco dancer. Nearby a street was closed off and everyone paraded around and had pictures taken with people in extraordinary outfits. We even saw a dachshund dog dressed as a hotdog!


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