Sunday, May 9, 2010

A History of Penguins

Ever since "Happy Feet" lots of people have enjoyed dancing penguins, but they weren't the first and probably not the last to make penguins popular.

You might remember Pingu. I know I used to watch it and even had a little stuffed animal Pingu as well. I lost it in an airplane once and my parents had to get me a new one.

I'm sure most of you have seen Mary Poppins as well. But I'll be honest and say that I had forgot about the penguins completely until just now. Here's the reminder for you too:

When I was in high school my French teacher used to play us little videos, the only one that really stuck was this. Ok, it's not really music you'd put on your iPod, but the video is so cute.
Keep your eyes open for the gangster penguin with adidas stripes.

Those animated creatures now bring us back to "Happy Feet". Even though the movie is cute and funny enough in and of itself I'd like to show you a fanmade video. There are quite a few rap videos out there, but this short one is probably my favorite. Enjoy!


  1. Ah Pingu is zo leuk <3

  2. I LOVE Pingu. My youngest sister used to have the video and it was her favourtite. I also like Robbie the Seal. All the noises in Pingu make me laugh!

    Laura x


    I love penguins


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