Friday, March 12, 2010

Lovely Movies: (500) Days of Summer

Since my birthday's next month I've been starting to put together a wishlist, it's mostly cd's and dvd's so far and I thought I'd write about them in the categories I think they belong instead of the wishlist.

First off is (500) Days of Summer. I was afraid I was gonna miss it on the big screen, but I didn't. I actually went to the movies and I'm so happy I did, I wouldn't want to miss this. It was so amazing and I love the soundtrack, I recognized most songs, although there's a lot of lesser known music in it, which makes it even cooler.

The dancing scene outside is definitely one of my favorites and that cartoon bird was so cute. It reminded me of this Meaghan Smith video, who also has a song in the movie by the way.

I'm so glad these kinds of movies are popping up everywhere, I still wish there were more though. What's it even called. It's like mainstream art house, but that doesn't seem possible, does it? Do you know the proper name for this genre?


  1. i am absolutely in LOVE with 500 days of summer!!

  2. this movie is easily in my top 5 favorites. i love the music as well. and for some reason, i cry every time i watch it. always because i feel bad for joseph gordin-levitts character. love this movie all the same. xx

  3. I looooove 500DOS, when i first watched it half way through I didn't really enjoy is as much as I thought I would but when I watched it properly I just fell in love with it esp the music and the look of everything. Very cute ! x


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